1967 Mustang Gt500 Clone

Carlos’ 1967 Mustang
As a kid the bullet chase was spectacular! watching the fastback flying around the streets of San Fran, however it was the Gone in 60 Seconds remake that really drove it home. I wanted one, don’t get me wrong I never thought I’d really own one… but I wanted one! Grew up with those images in my head, occasionally seeing a classic mustang up close roaring onĀ UK roads or at some show or event.

As usual, life tends to get in the way and a few years ago we bought a house in North London… surely that was the end of the Mustang dream. Well not quite (seeing this post on this site you can guess how the story ends) an opportunity at work paid off, the deposit for the house was paid, mortgage payments covered, so I did the very dangerous thing of typing Mustang into Ebay. After checking out a Eleanor based on a Sierra (don’t laugh, you would be surprised how good/accurate it looks) & a red 69 boss clone, I found an 67 GT500 clone based in Stoke

After a quick chat, we had a meeting arranged to give the car a once over. We made it to Stoke to find the car sat over a pit, it was stunning in black with it’s white stripes

It had the GT500 emblems & fiberglass
351 Windsor engine (5.8L) paired with a C4 Auto trans
Aluminium dash and centre console
Magnum 500 wheels
Everything else looked like stock

Gave it a once over, the floors looked solid, everything was where it should be.

Inspection under the car
Inspection under the car

The test drive was memorable… the rear wheel came off, since importing it he hadn’t checked/tightened the nuts. All in all I wanted it and after negotiating on the price we did a deal, 4 weeks later we’d head back to collect it – we had a holiday booked and he wanted his mechanic to give it a once over after the wheel incident

Check the bolts, we had fun on the test drive
Check the bolts, we had fun on the test drive

Now some people say i’m crazy and only a few people know this (I wasn’t going to miss the chance to buy it), but I didn’t have a license (I know, I know, i’m a car nut but at the time living in London a car was pretty useless). Well the missus drove it, Stoke to London… what could go wrong. Turns out lot’s, radiator could blow up (and it did), could have a gravel drive in front of the garage and hence can’t reverse it in (luckily have some cool neighbours which at 11:30 at night helped push it in)

Finally it was home. Anyhow, zoom forward a few years and only a few things have changed with it

Aluminium radiator – if you have a classic I recommend it, the temperature needle hardly moves
Starter motor gave up the ghost so had to be replaced, Realsteel in Uxbridge are a godsend
PowerMaster alternator, the wiring between the alternator & the regulator was shot, overcharging the battery to the point it blew
The wiring under the dash has been redone
New Moto Lita steering wheel
New American Racing 427 Shelby wheels – 8 inch fronts & 9.5 inch Rears
Rolled the front arches & cut part of the rear bump-stop

I’m aiming to do the Shelby/UCA/Arning drop over the winter, as well as lower springs and new koni shocks at the front. The original stance had the front of the car sitting high, so want to get it closer to the floor. It’s also in need of power steering and a carb rebuild, which can hopefully squeeze in before the summer. In the long term I still want to turn it into an Eleanor and want to drop a 427/460 ci small block into it, the cowl and dash frame will also need sorting… but that’s way down the line

Like any Mustang new or old, so if you see me/the car about give me a shout. The SimplyMustangs UK group is a welcoming group so join the Facebook group to find out more, share some pictures and experiences